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March 7, 2010

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I want to tell you about a Southwest inhabitant that is a joy to watch. The Southwest is home to really big ravens. They are cousins to the Crows back East, but really big! Like when they spread their wings to fly, the wing span can be 4 or more feet. They can weigh two or more pounds. These are birds you can’t miss flying through the sky.

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Soaring through the blue skies of Sedona

February 2, 2010

Pretty ugly fellow, huh? With a face that truly only a mother could love, if she could see it, that is. This is a Javelina, and it is one stinky dude (think skunks). While it looks like a pig, it’s in the rodent family (some big rat, right?). It can smell real good (can’t see good, remember?), and uses that nose to route out your garbage can (we keep a heavy rock on the lid so it can’t tip it over). It’s also death and destruction on my vegetable garden, so we’ve fenced ours in tightly (we learned about the importance of that in year 1). Any flowers outside the fence need to be what is, hopefully, javelina resistant. Right! Here’s the (very) short list: daffodils (they love tulip bulbs), snapdragons, petunias, lavendar, irises, pansies (I think), jasmine plants, and some native stuff like rosemany bushes (they grow great out here and smell wonderful just like the spice), and some cacti. I say some because Javelinas love prickley pear cacti—they eat the pads, thorns and all. It seems rather humorous that, stinky animals that they are, they don’t like fragrant flowers! I found it so interesting that the Cooperative Extension Service out here publishes a list of javelina resistant plants (deer resistant also). I’ve been hoping they know about the list. Here’s another shot of a group that uses the wash next to the house to move around in the neighborhood.

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Javelinas in the Wash--the search for food

I promised to show you one of the frequent nighttime visitors to my house. Here he is…..

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Javelina hanging around

January 19, 2010

Prickley Pears

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Visitors to Sedona are pleasantly surprized that in the heat of the desert, flowers bloom!  All in their time, of course.  Prickley Pears are very colorful, and after the flowers stop blooming, the “pears” start growing.  Javelinas (I’ll have to include a photo of these lovely creatures in a future post) love these fruits, and humans pick them ever-so-carefully to use for jams and juice.  I’ve done both with not too much injury from the spikes!

Prickley Pear in bloom

January 15, 2010

Coffeepot Rock

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The story behind the naming of this rock isn’t really known, but the shape supports the moniker, doesn’t it?  Nowadays, kids can’t understand the name.  Coffeepots like this aren’t used at home anymore, for the most part.  But writers and artists continue to be inspired by this red rock outcropping, easily viewed from the highway passing through town.  There’s a hiking path at the base of Coffeepot too–not for the faint of heart, though.

This is the famous Coffeepot Rock in West Sedona.

Welcome to Sedona

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When you take the gorgeous drive down Oak Creek Canyon from Flagstaff (it’s only scary the first time), you will find this welcoming sign into town.  The views coming down the canyon are truly breath taking.  As you pull into town, you will see reminders of the little dusty Western crossroad that grew into a popular tourist destination.  But its the red rock mountains that will bring you back.

Welcome to Sedona

Welcome to Sedona

December 31, 2009

This is my first attempt at blogging, but I think it will be a good way to meet other children’s authors. I am in the process of self-publishing my first book. More about that later. I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world, a constant inspiration for creative types like me. Beautiful vistas everywhere you look. Moving here has given me more time to concentrate on my writing. Mostly for children, although I have spent many years in marketing communications. I have found other writers here, but my town is home to many artists as well. No surprize. As soon as I can figure out how to do it, I will post some photos of Red Rock Country. You will be amazed! The flora and fauna and people who live in this high desert area influence my writing every day.

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