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March 11, 2011

Soaring Ravens

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This beautiful photo of two ravens soaring with a shadow reflected on the red rocks was taken by my friend Loren Haury, a professional photographer. He is a fellow raven lover and has searched raven haunts to obtian this photo and others you can find at You can view his collection of raven photos as well as other breath-taking nature shots. Thank you for sharing, Loren.

Two playful ravens among the red rocks of Sedona

March 11, 2010

Here in Sedona, we can see the ravens swoop and soar through the sky, often in pairs. Ravens mate for life and produce young in the early Spring. Both mom and dad take care of the babies, bringing food to the nest. Whether mates or not, ravens have been seen to “help” one another in the search for food, and share in the spoils, which in the wild can be “road kill,” but in town can be a Colonel Sanders special.

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Here's some Raven fledgelings I painted

And they are beautiful birds, black as night—feathers, eyes, beak, feet. In the brightness of sunlight, their feathers can glitter iridescent blue.

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Here's one after a cactus fruit treat

March 7, 2010

I want to tell you about a Southwest inhabitant that is a joy to watch. The Southwest is home to really big ravens. They are cousins to the Crows back East, but really big! Like when they spread their wings to fly, the wing span can be 4 or more feet. They can weigh two or more pounds. These are birds you can’t miss flying through the sky.

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Soaring through the blue skies of Sedona

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