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April 3, 2010

If you’ve read the book, I thought you might want to see the real Shade and Emily, so I located these photos.

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Emily and Shade

Here' Shade in her flight cage


  1. I am a reading teacher and I love this book. I like the fact that it is inspired by a true story. I have given it to many friends and their children and grandchildren like it very much. It is appropriate for children from K to 5th. grade and adults enjoy it too. I really enjoyed hearing Emily and Shade on NPR! It was nice to read something from a new author. I hope Diane is working on her next book.

    Comment by Barb Sukenik — October 3, 2010 @ 7:19 pm | Reply

  2. Hi, Diane. I just read your post in CRW140 and had to see your creation. What a gift to share! Such an awesome idea!

    Comment by Susan Vinson — January 20, 2011 @ 9:56 pm | Reply

  3. I’m so glad you like the story idea. I was truly inspired by the intelligence of these birds and their beauty in flight. Plus, the rare opportunity it provided me to interact with the smartest birds in the world. I count myself very lucky to have found Emily and Shade.

    Comment by redrockwriting — January 21, 2011 @ 8:11 am | Reply

  4. Hi Diane. I’m Emily’s Uncle Phil. Emily’s other Uncle, Mike has written a manuscript about his experiences flying as an Alaskan bush pilot. I think this booklet is worthy of publication and wondered if you could give me a little advise on how to get started toward this end.

    Comment by Phil Cory — February 9, 2011 @ 8:23 am | Reply

    • Hello Uncle Phil, book publishing is a huge discussion probably best done by email. I’m assuming you want to self-publish? Just for the family or to sell in the marketplace? If you want to sell it, then you need to be sure there are folks who will want to buy it (probably readers in Alaska?). You can use an online book publishing service like and print what you need. But you have to do all the work yourself–upload finished copy, design pages, insert illustrations, etc. Marketing the book costs time and money too. I just self-published a book, “The Author’s Concise Guide to Marketing,” but it’s meant to help with marketing, after you publish. I told you this was a big discussion!

      Comment by redrockwriting — February 10, 2011 @ 3:33 pm | Reply

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