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February 2, 2010

Pretty ugly fellow, huh? With a face that truly only a mother could love, if she could see it, that is. This is a Javelina, and it is one stinky dude (think skunks). While it looks like a pig, it’s in the rodent family (some big rat, right?). It can smell real good (can’t see good, remember?), and uses that nose to route out your garbage can (we keep a heavy rock on the lid so it can’t tip it over). It’s also death and destruction on my vegetable garden, so we’ve fenced ours in tightly (we learned about the importance of that in year 1). Any flowers outside the fence need to be what is, hopefully, javelina resistant. Right! Here’s the (very) short list: daffodils (they love tulip bulbs), snapdragons, petunias, lavendar, irises, pansies (I think), jasmine plants, and some native stuff like rosemany bushes (they grow great out here and smell wonderful just like the spice), and some cacti. I say some because Javelinas love prickley pear cacti—they eat the pads, thorns and all. It seems rather humorous that, stinky animals that they are, they don’t like fragrant flowers! I found it so interesting that the Cooperative Extension Service out here publishes a list of javelina resistant plants (deer resistant also). I’ve been hoping they know about the list. Here’s another shot of a group that uses the wash next to the house to move around in the neighborhood.

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Javelinas in the Wash--the search for food

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